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HA! Suckers!

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Hey, not to brag or anything, but I won't be lonely this Valentine's Day. It will be the first time in all of my 19 years. However, you must consider the plight of the hitched man. I will probably be out of 100 dollars that I really can't afford to spend by the end of the day. Flowers, chocolate, dinner, etc. Shouldn't I be getting a little sympathy?

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Title: "HA! Suckers!"

Text: "Hey, not to brag or anything"

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Tell you what, screw you!

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This is our day, not yours. Time for all the bitter singles to come out and bitch about their loneliness and self-loathing. Who cares if you had to pay a couple extra dollars for your happiness! What's a couple dollars compared to endless rejections. "I just want to be friends," "I'm not ready for another relationship yet," "I don't think we would work together." Christ!

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And today is the day that reminds us of all these rejections, of our inability to find that special someone. No matter where you look, there are valentines on peoples desks, office-mates craming pink cupcakes down your throat because they have someone, and they're happy. Screw you all! So we don't want to hear about your happiness and self-satisfaction and don't come thrusting your girfriend in our face.

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Take that, MULE!

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