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 Mojo Jo Jo

T'was the before Valentine's Day and all through the town,
All the men were searching last minute gifts so their other would not frown;
I was at home, typing on my computer with little care,
Knowing that cupid would hit nothing but air;
When suddenly on ICQ there came with a flash,
The name of my exgirlfriend all doped up on hash;
I tried to hit ignore before she could post,
But alas, there was a message...Most likely a boast;
And surely enough in words bright and bold,
There was news of engagement, or so I was told;
My first instinct was my keyboard to bash,
But then all I wanted to do was laugh;
Her history with men was widley known,
Soon she would leave him and look for a new home;
From Cody to Gary to Jaymi and Dave,
Soon Jeff or Cliff, she'd destory like a wave;
So I merely wished her well and sent her on her way,
My mood she would not ruin, no not on this day;
With that she got mad and then she was gone,
And I went back to posting on Conversatron.

 Otto Mann

That was beautiful, man.

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