The Topic: Meta-question

 kinsman (6:46 PM)
So it's been brought up that you Askee's are "Real Imaginary".

I assume that means, then, that the people responsible for typing in the answers to these questions are mediums of a sort, to the "collective unconsciousness" where you fictional beings reside. (Or mythologized, in the case of the celebrities and more abstract folks.)

That being said, how do the Askees and the typists get along? Are the communication channels clear, or do things get mucked up now and then?


 Clippy (7:42 PM)
Well, there's always the spelling issue. But aside from that things run pretty smoothly around here.

 Clippy (7:42 PM)
Yep. Nice and smooth.

 Clippy (7:42 PM)

 Clippy (7:45 PM)
Ah hell, it's a madhouse behind the scenes here, and I don't care who knows it! There's all this politicking and scheming, feuds, fights, brawls... you name it. Just yesterday Egon nearly destroyed the place chasing Betelgeuse around with his ecto-containment beam.

 Clippy (7:46 PM)
If I look slightly worried to you... well, there's a reason.

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