The Topic:
Lobster Magnet

The Question:
 Tycho Brahe

Let's say, theoretically speaking, that I had a Magnet. This particular magnet could, unlike normal polarized metals, attract the rather tempting, succulent meat of a mostly mature male lobster, or group of lobsters. Now would you, as a lobster meat lover(tm), still enjoy the taste of this lobster meat were in procured in such a fashion as dragging my special lobster magnet over the ocean floor, gathering drove upon drove of clambering crustaceans into a seething Lobster Magnet(tm) holding receptacle?

 Gabe & Tycho


Gabe & Tycho  

What are you talking about?

 Gabe & Tycho


Gabe & Tycho  

That's even better then wang.

 Gabe & Tycho

Lobster Wang!

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