The Topic: Nature of conversation thingies

 The Asker (12:10 AM)
Ooh, I figured it out! The Forum is Andy Kaufman, and the Conversatron is Jim Carrey? What do you think?


 Commander Hayes (5:05 AM)
Well, we are being continually snubbed at the Oscars...

Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:02 AM) 
Wait... so Andy Kaufman was a lame one-act who eventually just did nothing but go on and on about how gay he was?

 Commander Hayes (9:41 AM)
Okay, Ringie, I've had just about enough out of you... Ensign, ready the Precursor Ring-Explosion Compensation Beam. Narrow to 10Ghz. Fire on my mark.

 Commander Hayes (9:41 AM)

Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:47 AM) 
Now, wait a minute, can't we just....whoa....augh...whataworld, whataworld...

 Commander Hayes (9:47 AM)
Say howdy to bacon for me.

 Commander Hayes (9:47 AM)
Hey, that's a pretty cool catchphrase, don't you think?

Ensign! Look sharp there, or you'll be saying howdy to bacon.

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