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 atropos (4:39 PM)
I don't know if you noticed, but it appears that the Forum is now stealing from <I>you</I>. Jay has been made a SOMAD using the same picture as is here! Will you guys allow such things?


 Jay (5:28 PM)
Shit man, so I'm in two places at once and shit? That's pretty fucked up. Is one of me the real me, or are both of me the real me? I'm I going to have to fight me in a fuckin' battle to the death, and nobody knows which one is the good me, and then I fuckin' stab me in the chest with a fat-ass knife, and then everyone thinks "Hell, man. Did the good Jay stab the bad Jay, or what, man?"

Silent Bob (5:28 PM) 

 Jay (5:30 PM)
Fuck you, man. That's my favorite fuckin' episode, and I know you like it too, so don't give me any shit.

Brodie Bruce (5:31 PM) 
Hey Jay, I think it's one of those particle wave things. So it's like you're this particle...

 Jay (5:31 PM)
A fuckin' bad ass particle!

Brodie Bruce (5:32 PM) 
...and you're in a box, or something. And then there's another box or something. But then there's this wave. um.

Brodie Bruce (5:32 PM) 

Brodie Bruce (5:33 PM) 
Well, to skip to the good part, if someone opens the box, both of you collapse.

 Jay (5:34 PM)
Well fuck, man. It's all complicated and shit when there's two of you. I'm gonna hafta put a big-ass lock on that box. And like put it six feet under and shit.

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