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hello darkness my old friend

The Question:

well i hope you are happy now.
no one sang me happy birthday and now i am deeply, deeply depressed.

the least you can do is let me measure mike's area.

 Crow T. Robot

Tom, can we provide a little music to help cheer this poor soul?

Tom Servo  

Why yes we can, Crow.

We can indeed.

 Crow T. Robot

Ahem. Let me tune my pipes.

Mi mi mi! Lo lo lo!

Okay then: 1, 2, 3...

 Crow T. Robot

Happy Birthday to you...

Tom Servo belong in a zoo!

 Crow T. Robot

You look like a monkey...

Tom Servo  

...and you smell like one too!

 Crow T. Robot

Aha, that felt good.

Another good deed done. I'll just mark it here on the checklist.

Tom Servo  

What shall we do next?

 Crow T. Robot

Hrmm, beats me.

Maybe we should try out that new juice bar, I hear they have good smoothies.

Tom Servo  

Yay! Smoothies.

I'm gonna get a banana-chocolate-raspberry-lemoncurd-coconut-wheatgrass healthnut bongo smoothie.


 Crow T. Robot

You know, not every thread here ends up being funny.

Tom Servo  

Yep, sometimes we just start going and really have no sense of where it'll all end up.

But we always hope for the best.

 Crow T. Robot

Indeed, but after 15 or so responses it's usually time to cut the cord and call it a loss.

 Comic Book Store Guy

You two sicken and disgust me.

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