The Topic: So..

 nuku (8:52 PM)
Exactly when does an asker move from being 'cute and energetic' to being 'annoying and clingy'?


 Hello Kitty (8:59 PM)
I'm cute!

 Pikachu (10:26 PM)
Pika Pika!

 Bender (5:50 AM)
Aw, crap.... it's on my leg! Get it off! Get it off!

 Pikachu (11:30 AM)
pika pika!

 Bender (11:31 AM)
Aw fuck! I hate this thing. *kick* *splat*

 Pikachu (11:31 AM)
pika? pika?

 Spiro Agnew (11:54 AM)
Spiro! Spiro Agnew!

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