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 nuku (7:59 PM)
Unfortunately, the one at the top of the page is very much stuck there unless I move to another server. And I'm leery on doing that as I've fought hard to gain the little bit of web presence that I have currently, and moving will probably dash my little bit of sunshine into pathetic sputters of sadness. Though I bet the bitter hearts wouldn't mind that much. As to the other annoying ad banner, Eh, I'll consider, it pays 10 cents a click and it gives me a wide array of interesting statistics on my loyal web browsing losers.


 The Evil Black Marble (8:08 PM)
Personally, I wouldn't do anything anyone suggests here. Heck, I'd even put the midi back! Who cares about what anyone else thinks.

 The Evil Black Marble (8:10 PM)
Speaking of which...

 The Evil Black Marble (8:10 PM)
Hey, maybe I could play this theme song whenever I appear! Now, that would be evil.

 nuku (8:11 PM)
I like it. Or to make the asker's ears really explode, give every avatar thier own theme song and allow them to all mix together to create a song of complete discordance.

Fry (8:12 PM) 
That song is really familiar.
What is it?

 The Evil Black Marble (8:14 PM)
Geez! First you dump someone who looks like Amy and now this. You are a moron.

Or were you talking about his song? Oh, it doesn't matter. I think today's theme is that people are idiots.

Dogbert (8:22 PM) 
Hey, Dave.
If you are really looking for employment consider removing "forms and tables" from your HTML knowledge.
Unless you are planning on going back in time to 1994 and get a job.

 Doc Brown (8:22 PM)
Heck, if you were going to do that you might as well just invest in Amazon instead.

 nuku (8:24 PM)
I'm not worthy! Actually, I'm in college right now to get some skills people might actually care about. Though the first quarter was definately not much of help. Nothing like learning binary and how to add fractions to bolster your confidence.

 The Evil Black Marble (8:28 PM)
By the way, for the curious the song is the theme from Level 1 of Marble Madness, when I make my first appearance. Just didn't want to stay on topic for too long, you know.

 Dilbert (10:24 PM)
Hate to burst your bubble Nukem, but you won't learn anything useful in school. You'll "learn" binary roughly 8.7 more times and then become bitter and jaded. Oh yeah, you'll date some really ugly weird people too. Nothing you can do about. You're trapped.

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