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Willow Sightings?

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In Star Wars: The Phantom Menance I could've sworn I saw the guy who played Willow Ufgood in that "Willow" movie. He's in the lower left portion of the screen next to Watto right before the pod race begins. He's also in the same spot immediately following Anakin's victory generally cursing like a wounded pirate. Am I imagining things or was that the same guy? It's been a long time since I've seen Willow so I could just be mentally insane. (I don't know his real name so I can't check the credits)

 Brodie Bruce

You can't go to the movie Willow on IMDB, find the character, then link to other roles that guy has played and scan for Episode 1?

 Willow Ufgood

This site is not your BEEEEOTCH!


Thank you for removing the last remaining fragments of my self-esteem by making me feel like a moron.

 Brodie Bruce

No problem.
It's our thing.

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