The Topic: So Lonely..

 Bitter Hearts (1:41 PM)
God, we're lonely.


 Leela (1:42 PM)
You should get out, spend some time with people.

 Bitter Hearts (1:42 PM)
Ugh, people suck. There must be a better way.

Bender (2:25 PM) 
Hang out here, make fun of 'em?

 Bob Dole (2:53 PM)
Now, come on, you kids, you need to be happy! I don't let the fact that I lost the presidency get me down. I've got a couple friends here, and we're gonna cheer you up. Ready?

Stimpson J. Cat (2:53 PM) 
Happy! Happy!

 Bob Dole (2:53 PM)
Dole! Dole!

Ren Höek (2:53 PM) 
Happy! Happy!

 Bob Dole (2:53 PM)
Dole, Dole!


Bitter Hearts (2:53 PM) 
Oh, my.....

 Conan O'Brien (2:57 PM)
I really don't care that this is ripped off of my show, because it's


 Conan O'Brien (2:58 PM)
Take us home, Senator.

Bob Dole (2:59 PM) 
Happy, Happy, Dole, Dole, Dole!

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