The Topic: Long as we're talking FF1..

 shumacher (7:28 AM)
Was that White Mage a boy or a girl?


 Q*bert (7:54 AM)
Well, I, er, I guess I just assumed it was a girl.

 Q*bert (7:54 AM)

 Q*bert (7:54 AM)
But now I'm not so sure.

 Q*bert (7:54 AM)
So did you call the Black Mage Orko?

 shumacher (8:56 AM)
I always had this strange feeling that the Black Mage was
racist somehow. (I used the name 'Zack' for him.)

The White Mage is strange. In FF1, when it evolved, it
looked like a guy, but the later Square games, like
Chocobo Racing or Chocobo Dungeon have it as a girl
all the way. I dunno.

Hey, Q*Bert, you and WM look about the same size in pixels.
You got feelings for her, eh? Eh?

White Mage (9:19 AM) 
While Q*bert and I have gone on a few dates, we've decided that its best if we just be friends.

White Mage (9:21 AM) 
And while we're on the topic, I am definitely female. It's just hard to tell with so few pixels dedicated to me.

 Bitter Hearts (9:44 AM)
"We've decided that its best if we just be friends."

Now that's what this holiday is all about.

 Bitter Hearts (9:45 AM)
Let me guess which of you came up with that one.

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