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Re: Stars?

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I was looking in the FAQ to find out what the stars meant, and I think I have figured it out...

Do they represent stars visible in the northern hemisphere or perhaps one of the other continents?

 Carl Sagan

Since the dawn of time humankind has sought to divine some sort of meaning from the stars.

 Carl Sagan

Indeed, early cultures built mythos based upon the location and position of the stars as they traced the physical patterns of gods and heroes from their geometric outlines.

 Carl Sagan

Later, stars were used for navigation and guidance, to help travelers discern their location in this mortal place.

 Carl Sagan

Finally, stars have served as a launching point for our imaginations and serve as an impetus to search for other life forms in this Universe. They serve as one of the last chances to stimulate peoples' hopes for a greater life beyond ours in this overly demystified existence.

 Carl Sagan

However here at the Con, we just make the stars our bitches.

 Willow Ufgood

BEEOYTCH! Get on wid' it! Bring yo' poppa a gold!

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