The Topic: Some Lovin'

 The Asker (3:16 PM)
Don't you think some of you need to get some lovin'? Maybe a Conversatron "singles seeking same" isn't such a dreadful idea.


The Evil Black Marble (3:24 PM) 
And maybe "Love Boat: The Next Wave" wasn't so dreadful either.

Bacon (3:34 PM) 
Single, moderately well-to-do web engineer seeks reasonably atractive female, age 18-35 for immediate HOT HOT sexual ACTION.

Bacon (3:35 PM) 
Now I just sit back and wait for the lovin' to roll on in.

 Jenna Jameson (3:36 PM)
I think it might be a while, Bacon.
Have you considered getting some porno DVDs?
It's like looking through a window!

 Bitter Hearts (3:36 PM)
Nobody loves you, Bacon. At least not sexaully. They just like to eat you.

 Bitter Hearts (3:37 PM)

 Bitter Hearts (3:37 PM)
Fucking overloaded sexual meaning on every other word.

Jerry Seinfeld (3:38 PM) 
Isn't that something that Chomsky figured out?
In the future it will be impossible to communicate verbally, since every word will become so loaded with sexual meaning.

 Homer Simpson (3:40 PM)
Ohhhh... makin' bacon on the beach.

 Bender (8:47 PM)
Is anyone else concerned that the bacon considers itself a well-to-do engineer?

Beggin Strips brand Dog Snacks (9:14 PM) 

And that's my position as a highly respected lawyer and astronaut.

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