The Topic: Valentines day

 macleod (1:40 PM)
Valentine's day sucks. Maybe we should make it Voilence-tines day. Its stead of a dozen roses, perhaps a dozen grenades? Or, instead of sweet candy...poison darts?

I think i am just still hurt my ex girlfriend cheated on me for some guy she never sees, and expects me to still be her best friend.


 Bitter Hearts (1:47 PM)
Christ, this is exactly the kind of thing that pisses us off.

 Bitter Hearts (1:48 PM)
They tromp all over your fucking emotions with big muddy boots, and then act like you're the jerk.

Fry (1:48 PM) 
And the term "cheating" implies that there are some rules invovled.
Yeah right!

 Leela (1:49 PM)
There are too rules.
Its just that you guys don't get to make them up.

 Bitter Hearts (1:49 PM)
Were did you say we could get some of that violence thing?

 Seven of Nine (1:50 PM)
Only women have sex.
Men have to get it from them.

Jeeves (1:50 PM) 
Ahem. The Rules.

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