The Topic:
whatever happened...

The Question:
 DeadMoose big long replies from hordes of Askees?

 Crow T. Robot

Ahem. In order to answer your question, I have prepared a report. "A report on this question" by Crow T. Robot. Let's begin.

 Crow T. Robot

As you may know, websites of this nature go through several stages. These include the Beginning phase, when questions are few and far between. This phase is marked by long, drawn out posts as all the Askees (or equivalent) try to make themselves known. Next, we have several other phases, including Acceptance, the Bronze Age, Denial, Cheesy, Phase IV, and the Industrial Phase, followed by the Techno Dance remix phase.

 Crow T. Robot

Now, by this time, if things go well, there will be many questions, giving each Askee (or equivalent) the chance to answer their own questions if they so desire, and thus, there is less chance that they will "gang up" (as experts say) on a "good" or "stupid" question. Thus, more questions are answered, but with a 75% decrease in ramblingness and a 30% increase in iron content. (show chart here)

Tom Servo  

So, basically you're saying more questions, so shorter responses.

 Crow T. Robot

Oh, sure, if you want to look at it in a totally pedestrian, simple-minded way, without all the nuance and insight I've given it here, you could say that.

Ahem. But, in conclusion, the fault lies with you, the people at home. Consider this the next time you're in the voting both, and remembered you left the iron on. Won't you? Thank you.

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