The Topic: New Look

 Desidono (11:51 AM)
Oh yuck!

It's bad enough that Hallmark makes us go through this crap once a year, but you guys? Damn you must really love to hate us askers.

Although it's kinda groovy in a Greg Brady sort of permed hair 70s way.


 Bacon (11:53 AM)
Well thanks!
The font emanates a sort of romantic flavor with the color scheme. And at the same time, just the hint of groovaliciousness.
The alternative would have been something terribly drol like Black Chancery.

 Marge Simpson (11:58 AM)
I can't wait to see the design we roll out for Love Day!

 Bacon (11:59 AM)
Or Sweetest day.

Who Is Tyler Durden? (12:12 PM) 
Or Spend Money on some Perfunctory Gift to Satisfy the Rapacious, Shameless and Exploitative Appetite of Consumerist Culture Day.

 Your Money (12:18 PM)

 Your Money (12:19 PM)
That's one of my favorite days!!

Who Is Tyler Durden? (12:51 PM) 
Yeah, but mostly because you like feeling as many hands on your crisp green back as possible, you perv.

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