The Topic: Leadership (TAKE 2!)

 ZEX (9:29 AM)
Ash, I was under the impression that Elvis is the king...
So let us look at this logically
Elvis == The-King (Known shit)
Ash == The-King (He said so himself)
ASH == ELVIS (Transitive)



 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:35 AM)
Ok, I see two possible options.

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:38 AM)
One, we choose a fat, bloated, pill-popping wreck of a disgusting human being who died of a drug overdose on a toilet.

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:38 AM)
Or two, we choose a bad-ass one-liner-spouting shotgun-toting guy who cut off his own hand because he didn't quite like the evil inhabiting it, a guy that takes down witches goblins and Deadites, quipping all the way.

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:38 AM)
(Ash.King > Elvis.King) == TRUE
Now, who's with me on this one?

 Dennis the Peasant (9:45 AM)
Of course an "explosion" is going to choose some overly violent supernatural vigilante. But Supreme Conversatron Power derives from a mandate from the ASKEEs, not some inane one-liner competition. If I went around saying I was in charge here because some shoddily rendered effect liked the way I said "Come get some," they'd lock me up.

Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:49 AM) 
Hey, I am not shoddy, I am state-of-the-art you grubby looking screwhead! Don't make me Wha-BOOOM all over you!

 Dennis the Peasant (9:50 AM)
I mean, I've got some nifty one-liners. "Help, Help, I'm being repressed," who doesn't like that one. But I'm not going around comparing myself to Elvis, now am I?
If you want the truth, each of us has very little control over what the others say or do. If we did, do you think half of this garbage would make it to you?

Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:52 AM) 

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:53 AM)

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (9:55 AM)
I... I think I left the... iron on...

Dennis the Peasant (9:58 AM) 
Funny, I was expecting more violence.

Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (10:02 AM) 
Oh, I see. So now the poor trod-upon Dennis the peasant is beginning to pigeonhole others, hmm? Can't I be a sensetive explosion, the kind of explosion that helps little old ladies crossing the street? NO, I have to be some violent little lump of malevolence. Can't have ring explosions stepping out of our narrow classifications of them now, can we? You're a hypocrite, is what you are. Dennis 'do as I say not as I do' Peasant going around, making wild unfounded assumptions about others. Fascist!

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (10:04 AM)
WHA-BOOM, WHA-BOOM, WHA-BOOOOMMMM! Happy now?!? Does that satisfy you?!?!? Is that how you get your jollies, huh, seeing me blow up? Is that how you get your kicks, you sick twisted pervert??

Dennis the Peasant (10:10 AM) 
Ah! Now we see the violence inherent in the ring explosion. Just the slightest provocation and it's WHAA-BOOM, WHAA-BOOM. And you want me to believe you can make leadership decisions? Ha!

 Ring Explosion (with lens flare!) (10:12 AM)
I'm better qualified than you. I at least don't make wild assumptions about the character of others. I give them a chance first. You drove me to it, you cold hearted monster!
*sniff* Look what you made me do; I'm crying..

Colonel (10:12 AM) 
This is getting us nowhere.

Dennis the Peasant (10:14 AM) 
Oh, like you have any power over us! If I went around saying "CUT, CUT," they'd run me out on a rail!

Help! Help! I'm being repr...

 Test Pattern (10:15 AM)

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