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I apologise.

The Question:

I must say I'm impressed. I've only been posting questions to this site for a few days, and already the Askers are beginning to notice me. Unfortunately, if PricessMina's words are anything to go by, many of the other people who frequent this site find my posts to be tiresome and unstimulating.

Therefore, I would like to formally apologise to any readers who are put off by my writing style. I assure you that when I write this, I bear you no ill will and am simply seeking answers to the things that are troubling me. If there is a consensus among the Askers, perhaps the Askees will see fit to create a "Reader's Digest" version of my posts as Lord Amazon mentioned. Then again, they are already very busy with their standard duties, so it may be asking a bit much.

PrincessMina, I thank you for making your opinion known on this issue. You have alerted me to a potential problem that I shall look into immediately.

Good night, all.
Eric "TSI"
"...Planets are paralyzed, mountains are amazed..." ~Phil Ochs (1940-1976)

Special Agent John Doggett  

I'm beginning to think that Egon guy was on to something, joking or not. This guy is way too polite. I think we'd better investigate.

 Special Agent Dana Scully

What? It's a bit odd, sure, but I really don't know what...

Special Agent John Doggett  

Computer, give me a trace on that post. Tie in to satellite imaging, maximum zoom. Nightvision, correct for cloud cover.

 Special Agent Dana Scully

What are you talking about? Our computers can't do anything like that. They're not even voice activated.

Special Agent John Doggett  

Looks like I was right. The coordinates are right here in D.C.

Looks like American University, Anderson building if I'm not wrong. I'm heading out there, you try to keep him on the line.

 Special Agent Dana Scully

 Special Agent Dana Scully did he...he couldn't possibly...

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