The Topic:
Good movies

The Question:

"Labyrinth" or "The Dark Crystal"?

 Crow T. Robot


Tom Servo  


 Crow T. Robot

I say Wang!

Tom Servo  

And I say Tang!

 Crow T. Robot

Wang, wang, wang!

Tom Servo  

Tang! Tang! Tang!

 Mike Nelson

Fellas, don't you feel this act is getting a little old?

 Tom Servo


The secret to comedic success is repetition. At least that's what this nifty Standup Comedy In Five Minutes book proclaims.

 Crow T. Robot

Yep, it says it right here in black and white.

From the Marx Brothers to Saturday Night Live, they have all benefitted from drilling the same material into the skulls of their watchers.

 Crow T. Robot

Gimme a Wang!

Tom Servo  

No to you I say. Tang!

 Crow T. Robot

How do we end this?

Tom Servo  

I'm not sure.

Could we possibly have a commercial come on to help ease us away from our argument?

 The Conversatron

Hrmm, okay.


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