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A leading science museum in the United States has decided that Pluto should not be referred to as a planet.
The Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History in New York says Pluto has more in common with comets than planets as it is relatively small and made of ice.

You yankees all suck enormous donkey part.

 Brodie Bruce

Ok Mr. "If it wasn't for that storm 400 years ago we'd all be speaking Spanish right now".


three words

george dubya bush

talk your way out of that one

 George Washington

Oh yeah! Yorktown! Take that buddy!

 George Washington

We schooled your ass, but good, that time.


you're not allowed to drink alchohol until you're 21

that's just laughable

 Thomas Jefferson

Oh yeah! Battle of New Orleans! We kicked your ass and the War of 1812 was technically already over!

Alexander Hamilton  

Uh Tom, didn't Andy Jackson win that battle, not you?

 Thomas Jefferson

Like those Limey Brits know any different. They still worship a monarch, for the sake of Providence!

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