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you lazy bar-stewards you

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Its half eight in the evening on my side of the atlantic and i demand my saturday nights worth of funny. If i work so hard at being a geek that i dont go out, specifically to cruise click/reload syndrome sites you should BLOODY WELL GET ON WITH IT.


 Mr. Burns

Oooohhh... The British are mad at me. Look at me, I'm so scared.... OOOOOH..... The British are mad!

 Douglas Adams

Stop that. Stop pretending you are scared of us.

 Mr. Burns

Sorry, friend. We have decided to take a bit of a rest today. Just be grateful you're getting as much as rehashed dialogue from a long running cartoon show.


anyway your opinions dont count because my school is more than twice as old as your entire country.

founded 1635

The Nerds in the Audience  

That's only about 1.6 times as old.

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