The Topic:
TMOL Problems

The Question:

Have you tried decoupling the phase shift inducer?

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer  

Ha,ha. Actually, I think I'm just going to disable the whole filter containment grid, and let it re-initialize automatically.

Dr. Egon Spengler  

I think that would be an exceedingly bad idea.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer  

Oops...I already did it. What do you mean, bad, exactly?

 Evil Excel

Hello?! Is this thing on?

 A Bus Full of Furries

Can we stop at McDonalds?

I wanna get a "Beauty and the Beast" Happy Meal.

 Persona: Frat Cat


[ simulated persona = 'Roxanne', node #28, max search depth 19%, neural variance 30.294 ]

Where are we?

 Wise Turtle

That is a very good question.

 A Bus Full of Furries

Ooh! An anthropomorphic female cartoon animal!

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer  

Oh God.

Karen the Cute Computer Engineer  

Just kill me.

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