The Topic: I Wonder...

 charmz (4:11 PM)
Hola ninos, tengo una pregunta. Queiro ayudar mis amigas con ellas problemas, pero yo no tengo la tiempo. Soy un amigo mal??


 Fry (6:10 PM)
Oh, shoot. Are any of those Spanish speaking people still around?

 Fry (6:10 PM)
Shoot. Um, ok, I'll, think back to Spanish class... Er, chalupa, chalupas, chalupos...Geez, this is hard.

 Fry (6:10 PM)
Okay! No, it does not make you a bad friend. Just explain to your friends that you don't have time to help right now, and they'll understand.

 Fry (6:13 PM)
Either that, or no, you may not have our monkey to do with as you wish, unless you include at least two extra bottles of washer fluid with the dowry.

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