The Topic: ARGH...

 The Asker (2:45 PM)
so my boyfrien said something that he really shouldn't have, but we talked, and i forgave him. Now he is insistent on beating himself up over it, and won't listen to reason. why?


Xander Harris (3:20 PM) 
Don't worry, he's not really beating himself up, and he doesn't really feel that badly. He's just putting on a show for a little free sympathy.

 Brodie Bruce (3:21 PM)
Jesus Christ, just go ahead and reveal all our Guy Secrets why don't you?!

Xander Harris (3:22 PM) 
Shit, whoops. I'm such an idiot! Argh, I can't believe I let slip the secrets of one of menfolk's favorite ploys. Stupid stupid!

 Brodie Bruce (3:23 PM)
Well, don't beat yourself up over it.

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