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I know asking you guys to find stuff isn't what this place was meant for, but I've been going crazy looking for this essay written by Mark Twain and I can't find it ANYwhere! I don't know the name (if you know it, that would suffice quite nicely!) but it's about phonetic language, as the essay goes on he points out unnecessary little points about language (ie, double consanants) and from then on, he wouldn't use it. By the end of the essay it's SO phonetic you can't even read it. I found it once on the internet, but can't find now! Please, if any of you guys know anything... I'd love you forever...


I don't know about the real essay, but I'm sure I could dig up one of those CC'd-to-death email rip off versions.



God, I hope Leet Hamlet doesn't show up in this thread.


Well, if anyone else knows anything... Please let me know... ::sobs::


You are perhaps thinking of this?

Sorry for the delay, but I was having a discussion of literature with that l337 Hamlet fellow, but we kept falling into the most trifling little arguments. You know the type, I say tomato, he says t0|\/|4t+03.

I finally had to call the whole thing off.

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