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Happy Birthday!

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 The Sack

It's the Macintosh's 17th today! Just think, one more year and it'll be heading off to college... I miss it already...

 PowerMac Cube

Yeah, right. I still can't stay out past 11, and heaven forbid I should try to date anyone who isn't "Apple Certified."

 PowerMac Cube

Meanwhile, Powerbook keeps getting all the attention, because she's so "sexy..." I mean, have you seen her lately? People always staring, talking about the size of her screen, and could she be wearing any less? Meanwhile I've still got the same old boxy figure, no matter how nice looking Dad says I am. Not to mention my skin problems. If I hear one more thing about my blemishes...

iCEO Steve Jobs  

Now, honey, you know those are just mold lines, it's a perfectly normal part of the manufacturing process. You're special and we love you just the way you are...You're still insanely great!

 PowerMac Cube

Oh, shut up, Dad. I don't even want any cake. I'll be in my room.


iCEO Steve Jobs  


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