The Topic: problem solver

 The Asker (1:30 PM)
so why don't you just beat the crap out of the nerds and be done with it?


 Who Is Tyler Durden? (1:47 PM)
They smell bad enough, I certainly wouldn't want to touch them.

 Who Is Tyler Durden? (1:54 PM)
Besides, there will always be more hecklers in the audience.

 Waldorf and Statler (1:56 PM)
Why do we always come here?

Waldorf and Statler (1:56 PM) 
Especially at our age.

 Waldorf and Statler (1:56 PM)
It's like some kind of torture,

Waldorf and Statler (1:56 PM) 
to have to read this page!

 Waldorf and Statler (1:57 PM)

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