The Topic: Useless Trivia Question

 The Asker (1:08 PM)
What does 'COBRA', from GI Joe vs COBRA cartoons and comics, stand for? The acronym I mean.


Dilbert (1:11 PM) 
I think it's one of those funny recursive acronyms. "Cobra's Object Broker Request Architecture" or something like that.

 Mike Nelson (1:12 PM)
Hmmm.. I always though it would stand for something more.... sinister.

Xander Harris (1:13 PM) 
Maybe the object he's requesting is "the entire world". That's kind of sinister.

"I request the entire world. Ha ha ha!" Or something like that.

 The Shredder (1:14 PM)
Weaklings request. The strong TAKE!

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