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(This is for the person who is trying to impress her b/f's Korean mother) Oh no. My mother is Korean. I think I could theoretically offer some insight to this, but it's probably hopeless. Korean people are insane. Your best bet is to be extremely politically incorrect (women belong in the kitchen and all) and as far as a gift, if she's anything like my mother, you'd be better off trying to impress her with a display of kung-fu than attempting to impress her with a gift. My mother hasn't liked anyone I've ever known, to my knowledge. But do NOT, under any circumstances, do anything that could remotely be considered brash/taboo/lascivious in front of her. Umm, I think that's all I can say. Good luck to you.

 Ex-Sidekick Andy Richter

So there you have it, words to live by. Don't worry about trying to impress Korean people. They're all insane.

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