The Topic: they are out to get me

 Clanger (10:14 AM)
do people who are constantly paranoid get used to it and would get sacred if they didn't think folk were out to get them?


 Special Agent Fox Mulder (10:23 AM)
Eventually, you become very familiar and comfortable with the great invisible forces of conspiracy.

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (10:26 AM)
They're almost like family to me. In fact, I even got a tasteful Christmas card last year signed "Best wishes, Fox, from your pals in the Improbable Alien Conspiracy"

Special Agent Dana Scully (10:27 AM) 
What are you talking about? I didn't get a card like that.

 Special Agent Fox Mulder (10:27 AM)
Well sure. They're still miffed about you removing that nice implant they got you.

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