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I just realized that this site was only cool when we thought it was a copy of forum2k when we thought forum2k actually had a bunch of computers generate the responses.

I think the point now is that a whole bunch of us nerds assault you fuckers verbally over and over to get out stress. The funniest part is you guys are paying for the bandwidth.

"Dotcoms may loose money, but we here at the conversatron loose self esteem, one question at a time."

So lets review. We vent, you get insulted. That works for me. Now loose some weight you fat fucks. And get your brain damaged brains back to whatever undergraduate/masters course you are skipping to make sure your server doesn't barf. I mean, nothing personal.

 Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers

Yikes. Sounds like someone just found out the "truth" about Forum 2000.

Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers  

We'd better not tell him about Jeff K., it might break his little heart.


And it's "Lose some weight", you meatbag!


I don't know why I even bother, anymore.

Lester Knight Chaykin  

And for your information, Mr. Smartiepants, we have our various degrees!

Lester Knight Chaykin  

What do you think about that, huh? Huh? Ha!

Lester Knight Chaykin  

Ha! Sucker!

 Karen the Cute Computer Engineer

Oh, stop taunting him. You're being an ass!

Lester Knight Chaykin  

But.. but... He started it! He was an ass first!

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