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What's a good way to go?

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 The Asker

If, for some reason, I decided I didn't want to die of old age, what would be the best way to end my life unnaturally? Virus hunting in the Congo without any safety equipment? Touring warzones without a mine detector? Driving over the speed limit on twisty roads without a seatbelt? Taunting happy fun balls?

Swift deaths preferred, and if it's possible that it might be attributable to carelessness or bad luck instead of suicidal intent, that'd be groovy, too. It's not like I'm planning to go anytime soon, I just want to have some options.

 Pushpin Pig

I think more than a method what you need is a reason.

 Pushpin Pig

Start with this: you endure a crappy holiday vacation, only to return to your job find that six of the people you have come to know and trust are being laid off.

 Pushpin Pig

Then, you start fearing for your own job and wondering if the axe will soon swing in your direction. Rationing of your pay commences.

 Pushpin Pig

Next, you return home to find your significant other is discontent and will soon be leaving you. They want to take the cats as well.

 Pushpin Pig

Finally, once you are beaten to a pulp, you relent and hope for the end. Death should come soon if there is any 'cosmic justice'.

 Pushpin Pig

Then when you thought it couldn't get any worse, you get a 'Fatboy Slim' song stuck in your head for weeks and weeks.

 Pushpin Pig

I think you'd be getting halfway close to inspiring a reason at that point.

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