The Topic: But what about

 godofchuck (6:57 AM)
"Yo, Dude!"?


 Bill & Ted (7:08 AM)
Ah, while this may at first seem to be redunant, in fact, this is an excellent example of the aformentioned "Rocky" usage of the word "Yo!"

It should be noted, however, that even seemingly redundant combinations are not actually so. The first "Dude" is used more like the common use of "Yo!" in the following examples, that is, totally as a way of getting someone's attention.

Bill & Ted (7:11 AM) 
Dude! Dude?

 Bill & Ted (7:11 AM)

 Bill & Ted (7:11 AM)

You can see here that Bill questioned me as to my current state of mind, and I answered that things were going badly.

Now try it at home!

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