The Topic: Yo!

 The Asker (6:03 AM)
why did the chicken cross the road? was it a matter of love and passion in the heat of the moment or was it to just get to the other side?


 Bill & Ted (6:30 AM)
Dude. While this question is so lame it doesn't deserve an answer, I would like to use it to illustrate a point, if I may. Did you know that "Yo" is totally the new "Dude."

 Bill & Ted (6:30 AM)
It's true. Anywhere you hear one of these GenY types saying "Yo," the equivalent "Dude," can be substituted, both in question and statement form.

Bill & Ted (6:30 AM) 
Excellent linguistic tip, Dude.

 Bill & Ted (6:33 AM)
Dude. Of course, it should be noted that while "Dude" can substitute for "Yo" the reverse is so not always true. Also, "Yo!" of course maintains the totally excellent meaning popularized by Rocky in the movies of the same name.

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