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Another Forum 2000 Imitator

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Ladies and gentlemen, the Celebrity Ask-O-Matic!

It's still a little buggy and slow and I'm waiting for the Canadian high schooler I comissioned to do a better site design, but it's done! Go me!

So, uh, can I have an icon *now*?

Bitter Hearts  

I don't think you understand how this icon thing works. We don't just give out icons to people who do stuff. We give out icons to people who do stuff for us.

 Steve Martin

I've completely lost track of how many readers have "graduated" from the Conversatron School of Comedy and have started their own pages.

 Steve Martin

This place is starting to feel like Saturday Night Live!


Which one of us is John Lovitz?

 Jon Lovitz

I am.


No, I'm Jon Lovitz!

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