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In the original Star Trek, it seemed every little problem was caused by Romulans. Sort of like The Resistance in "1984", if anything went wrong, it was "Darn that romulan trickery!". In Star Trek: TNG, it changed to Temporal Anomalies. "What's that on the viewscreen?" "It appears to be some sort of Temporal Anomaly. No, wait, it's just a dirt speck". Now in Voyager, everything even remotely technological is made up of Subroutines and Plasma Conduits. "Could you activate the 'get me coffee' subroutine on the food synthesizer?". So the question is, i missed out on most of the DS9 series. What was their catch-phrase?

 Elim Garak

It's all wormhole this and wormhole that.
Give me a nice Romulan conspiracy any day.

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