The Topic:
Is it a coincidence?

The Question:

So, about - neigh, exactly - the same time the 'tron went down, my professional life and the fiscal health of the company I work at (me==management) went to shit. Is it a mere coincidence that deprived of Conversatron, I started hating everything about my professional circumstance, or did True Meaning of Life derail me that significantly? A bias in this quandry: Things flared up and started to get better the same day the 'tron came back on line.

 Lord Amazorn

Nope, you're right. Since the day the Conversatron went down, the NASDAQ dropped 270 points. Since it's come back up, it's recovered 150.

 Lord Amazorn

That's the reason we had to pull some strings to get it back online early. We did some analysis, and it turns out it's one of the driving forces behind the whole 'new economy.'

 Lord Amazorn

Now if we could just figure out how.

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