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 Jackie Chun

My roommate won't stop playing Bejeweled. He claims it to be the best thing since Puyo Puyo (what, you thought I would say sliced bread?). For the love of breasts, make him stop!!!

Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers  

"For the love of Breasts...."

Hrm. Brother, do you have any idea what I'm thinking right now?

 Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers

You were thinking that since people love mindless 'form a row' puzzle games, and eat them up like so many proverbial hotcakes, and since a large number of the same people (around 50% in fact) also like breasts, that you could cash in on both these facts in a typically cynical way by quickly throwing together a puzzle game that in some way involved a certain well-loved portion of the female anatomy. Needless to say, I would do much of the actual coding and testing, while you did 'research' on the subject and ate all our donuts.

Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers  


Hsu and Chan Tanaka, Game Designers  

No. Er...that wasn't it at all.

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