The Topic:
I'm an idiot

The Question:

I was getting mad that a person I have feelings for didn't have any feelings for me, so I declared to all that I hate her guts. Now she likes me even less. Why did I think this would be a good idea?

 Crow T. Robot

Well, at least now if she hates you, she has feelings for you!

Tom Servo  

Feelings of hate.

 Crow T. Robot

Exactly. So now she has feelings for you. And if television and movies have tought us anything, it's that if a guy and a girl hate each other, they're just hiding a deep attraction for one another, and are secretly in love!

Tom Servo  

Or they really do despise each other.

 Crow T. Robot

Well, either way, you win!

Except for the second way.

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