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The Wizard of Speed and Time

The Question:

I've been looking for a copy of this movie for so long, and now I see that the star/producer/writer, Mike Jittlov, is on this site.

So, Mr. Wizard, conjure me up a copy, dammit.

 Mike Jittlov

Certainly! Send a blank tape, printed return label and return postage to:

c/o Mstudio
234 High Street
Mineral Point WI 53565

You will get a high quality dub directly from the Image laserdisc release. Be sure to include a nice note, this distributer volunteers their own time and equipement for this endevour!

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Remember kids, duplicating copyrighted material is illegal, and is not condoned by the Conversatron or any of its silent partners.

 Mike Jittlov

Even when authorized by the artist?

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Especially then.

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