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Python blows!

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undef $/ || ($_ .= <DATA>) =~ s/[^|\\\/-]+//g;
s/\-/00/g && s/\\/01/g && s/\|/10/g && s/\//11/g;
eval pack q|B*|, $_; __DATA__

 Crow T. Robot

When I run it it says "DeadMoose is a poophead" in German.


Wow, I always knew people had braindead perl installations, but that?

I mean, how'd it swap to German from French?

 Tom Servo

Mike must have gotten bored and hacked with that Latin module doo-hickey thing.

 Mike Nelson

Who knew, these De Vri technical degrees really work.

Tom Servo  

Isn't that "DeVry"?

 Mike Nelson

You kidding? I couldn't afford DeVry!

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