The Topic: Engineering Units

 Taoiseach (9:14 PM)

Your analogy that adopting a universal standard measurement would be like replacing the American flag with a pin-up of Britney Spears is rife with errors.

A) there is no rational reason to place national zeal into standards of measurement, especially when yours are unpopular, unwieldy, and anachronistic.
B) if your standards of measurement are the defining quality of your nation-state, then the USA is in much worse shape than I thought (certainly worse than Canada).
C) adopting a "foreign" system would most certainly not be like adopting Britney Spears as an idol; your first concern was national, while I presume your second is asthetic. Maybe, MAYBE, your comment would not be so inane if it had named "Spice Girls" rather than Britney, since at least they are foreign.
D) You're being an idiot.
E) Er, that's it.


 Dr. Egon Spengler (9:18 PM)
Congratulations. You obviously just spent a lot of time and energy debunking an argument made by a muppet.

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