The Topic: What about some real news?!

 Senator John McCain (8:59 PM)
I just kicked major butt in the New Hampshire primary! Whoo-hoo! Nothing can stop me now! I'm the most powerful man in the world! Bow down to me everybody! Bow down to McCain!


 Conan O'Brien (8:59 PM)
Wait a minute...

 Conan O'Brien (9:00 PM)
This seems awfully familiar....Are you...Are you who I think you are?

Bob Dole (9:00 PM) 
I was Being John McCain.

 Conan O'Brien (9:00 PM)
Oh, sir, you can't do that. That's not right. You leave the senator alone.

Bob Dole (9:00 PM) 
Ah, let Dole have his fun.

Bob Dole (9:00 PM) 
Dole misses the spotlight.

Dole, Dole...

 Conan O'Brien (9:04 PM)
Oh, it's okay, no harm done this time. And you added some current events to the table tonight, so who am I to complain?
We are, after all, primarily a news site.

Bob Dole (9:04 PM) 

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