The Topic: engineering units

 Loraybreyan (2:24 PM)
Do you see any reason why people should continue using English units of measurement, instead of switching over to metric?


 Sam the Eagle (2:34 PM)
I assume you mean the American system, since those British have fallen into the metric trap as well!
You may as well ask, do you see any reason why we should salute the American Flag and not just switch over to saluting a pinup poster of Britney Spears?

Britney Spears (2:34 PM) 
I know you're being sarcastic...but isn't that a cute idea?

 Civ's Wise Man (2:44 PM)
Switching to Engineering Units will allow us to build roads.

 Civ's Wise Man (2:44 PM)
Whoops, I'm thinking of Master of Magic, aren't I?

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