The Topic: Ford

 godofchuck (10:16 PM)
Your "sad" picture is... well, sorry to say, crappy.

But at least it's not a giant question mark.


 Bacon (10:17 PM)
And it makes him look a lot like the 4th Doctor, too.

 Ford Prefect (10:19 PM)
Yes, fine, let me go find another picture of myself that doesn't look like a motorcar license photo. I'll put it right there on my "to do" list.

Lego Man (10:22 PM) 
Actually, that picture's not too great either.

 Ford Prefect (10:24 PM)
What do you want, I was on British television, for zarking out loud. You should be glad I'm at all recognizable.

 Doctor Who (10:23 PM)
I don't see the resemblance.

 Ford Prefect (10:24 PM)
Me neither.

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