The Topic: Oort cloud

 Bloodyegg (9:57 PM)
Somehow I think it would be pretty hard to hide a star in the Oort cloud.


 Homer Simpson (9:59 PM)
Oooooh. Look Bart a scientist thingy.

Bart Simpson (9:59 PM) 
That's not a scientist. That's someone pretending to be a scientist.

 Lisa Simpson (10:00 PM)
Like you would know what a scientist is.

 The Doomed Mars Polar Lander (10:00 PM)
Right, because it's so hard to misplace something in outer space.

 Sir Francis Bacon (10:02 PM)
Ohhh, this chart was in Newtons, not pounds. Don't I feel silly.

 Nemesis, the Demon Star (10:01 PM)
Look, if I was easy to find I'd have a lame name like "Ator, the Destructor".

 Conan the Cimmerian (10:01 PM)
I kind ov like that nahme.

 Alf (10:03 PM)
It does have a nice ring to it. You know speaking of things that ought to be easy to lose in space...

Bill & Ted (10:03 PM) 
A dead brown dwarf in this last stage of its lifecycle emits nearly no radiation, dude. Just a small amount of infrared, but totally not enough to be easily distinguishable from random background radiation. You'd need an orbital telescope that monitors the infrared range of the spectrum to find it, dude.

 Bill & Ted (10:03 PM)
Dude, Bill, when did you become such an egghead?

Bill & Ted (10:03 PM) 
Shut up, Ted.

 Alf (10:04 PM)
Actually, I was thinking of...

 Alien (10:04 PM)

 Lego Man (10:05 PM)
Crimeny. One question about the Oort cloud really brings them out of the woodwork, doesn't it?

If you want a real party, try asking about the Kupier Belt.

 Kyle (10:07 PM)
hey Cartman, doesn't your mom wear a kupier belt?

 Cartman (10:08 PM)

 Cartman (10:08 PM)
It's a vi-bro-tron-2000

 Stan (10:09 PM)
Dude, what's that? My Dad has one too.

 Kenny (10:09 PM)
mmmm mmm hss pbft grt

 Kyle (10:10 PM)
yeah, good one kenny.

 Space Moose (10:10 PM)
What did that little guy say?

 Stan (10:10 PM)
whisper whisper whisper

 Space Moose (10:11 PM)
Yeah! Good one Kenny.

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