The Topic: Astrology

 Bloodyegg (9:46 PM)
Well, when you say something is in "The House of Aquarius" you're really just talking about regions of the sky that are marked off by certain constellations of stars in the ecliptic, if I remember correctly. So you can say that the sun is in a certain part of the sky, or the planets, but it doesn't really make sense to say that the stars are in a certain "House" unless that's where they always are. Because they don't appear to move around from one constellation to another.


 Commander Hayes (9:48 PM)
Unless, of course, that star is orbiting your own sun, as Nemesis is supposedly doing. Then, of course, it will move, albeit slowly. Of course, all stars move relative to each other as viewed from Earth, but even more slowly. So anything will happen if you wait enough.

 Commander Hayes (9:49 PM)
Except for me getting off this blasted station.

 Nemesis, the Demon Star (9:49 PM)
How little you know. I am indeed a star, but I orbit your puny little sun, way out in the Oort cloud where nobody can find me. Except that right now I'm in the House of Aquarius, going through the 'fridge.

 Leela (9:50 PM)
And no doubt spilling grape juice all over the new couch.

 Commander Hayes (9:50 PM)
We've covered this. Darn signal lag from the Oort cloud. Ensign, boost the hyperwave gain again!

Bill & Ted (9:50 PM) 
Haw haw, if you can even call a dead shriveled brown dwarf a star, dude!

 Nemesis, the Demon Star (9:51 PM)

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