The Topic: Fame Fortune and Prizes

 Loraybreyan (6:50 AM)
Are you planning to award any prizes to the asker that posts the 1 millionth question?


My Computer (10:10 AM) 
Hmm.. about 900 questions/month, carry the 2...

My Computer (10:11 AM) 
At our present rate, the millionth question will be asked in the year 2092. If humanity has not been enslaved by aliens by then, we will throw a modest party.

 Commander John Crichton (10:12 AM)
But we won't celebrate until the topic number equals 1,000,001, because there was no question zero!!

 Commander John Crichton (10:13 AM)
Oh, ha ha ha!! Ah ha, ha ha.

 Leela (11:37 AM)
But if there was no question zero, that actually would mean that topic number 1,000,000 would be the millionth question.

 Commander John Crichton (11:38 AM)
Ah, welllll, you see.... Oh my god, what is that over there?!

A Distraction! (11:38 AM) 

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