The Topic: A bit personal, but...

 The Asker (1:06 PM)
I've been watching hentai for a long time now, and I'm quite enamoured with it. Not the silly tentacle stuff, the genuine article. End of Summer, that kind of thing.

Anyway, I've been somewhat unsatisfied with regular women lately. I mean, how can a single, particular person compare to an abstract ideal?

Does anyone see what I mean?


 Roger Rabbit (1:20 PM)
The way I see it, you only have one course of action! First, make lots and lots and lots of money! Like billions! Then, when you have that, pour it all into two areas of research:

 Roger Rabbit (1:20 PM)
One, you'll need a neurocannula, basically a jack that allows all of your sensory input to be overridded by external signals generated by a computer.

 Roger Rabbit (1:22 PM)
Two, you'll need to develope an amazingly complex computer system that will be able to use physics, a large set of simulation parameters and a very sophisticated AI to simulate your little fantasies. Of course, you'll also need a very powerful system to be able to render the abstract data into lifelike sensory input to feed into your neurocannula.

 Milkman Dan (1:23 PM)
Jesus, what a bother. Imagine how much "jacking off in front of the TV" you could buy for a fraction of that money!

The Human Genome (2:52 PM) 
Either way, you're not having sex with a real woman, I'm cool with that.

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